A Special Message for Municipal Leaders!

We know it's not easy being a Mayor, Administrator, Councilperson, or Committee Chairman. There are simply too many wants, and too little resources in terms of money, personnel, or sources of assistance.  Our goal is to address those needs and to offer our services.

We are all about Quid Pro Quo with an emphasis on serving others.  Our job, as we define it, is to help you do your job a little better by providing better services to others.  In this three way relationship, we all win, and that's what relationships should be all about! 

Our primary emphasis is in serving the needs of municipal governmental users in Alabama and Mississippi. However, our programs are offered to selected representatives elsewhere in the USA as qualified applicants are certified to provide similar services in their service area. We provide five basic products and services as indicated below:

Safer Communities Program - Our objective is reduce crime in your community by working together to protect people, places, and property.  This is a partnership between enterprise, government, and Falcon Community Services as your technology partner.  There is no cost to your city, only a commitment to work with us in providing rapid law enforcement response in times of emergency.  See http://safercommunities.blogspot.com for additional information. We also have a simple single page program overview for printing and sharing with others available at www.info4u.us/Something_Nice.pdf

SkyLight Plus Program - In return for working with us, we want to do something for you.  It all begins by introducing you to simple and efficient plans to reduce the cost of ownership, maintenance, power, and EPA compliance issues relating to interior lighting.  An optional service program provides periodic inspections and replacements of lighting components and air conditioning filters that will save you money!  See http://SkyLightPlus.blogspot.com for more information. We also have a simple single page program overview for printing and sharing with others available at www.info4u.us/LookUp.pdf

Grant Assist Program - We have been assisting others for over a decade in obtaining grant and endowment funding for communications and safety related projects through Federal and State grants as well as corporate endowments.  We can help you find the grants, apply for the grants, and administer grants.  Our fees are nominal, sometimes free.  Additional information is available at http://grantassist.blogspot.comWe also have a simple single page program overview for printing and sharing with others available at www.info4u.us/GrantAssist.pdf

WatchMate  - Effective employee administration for outside workers is a difficult task.  Yet, if you don't effectively manage outside workers, you potentially lose efficiency along with degrading public relations, and expose your City to unforeseen legal liabilities.  WatchMate is an efficient and effective tool to provide enhanced administrative oversight.  Additional information is available at http://WatchMate.blogspot.comWe also have a simple single page program overview at www.info4u.us/WatchMate.pdf for printing and sharing with others

MuniCom - The original definition of wireless communications simply meant one of providing the ability to communicate without wires (i.e. 2-way radio or cellular phones). Somewhere along the way that simple definition has been expanded to encompass interoperable 2-way radios that cost thousands of dollars or "smart" phones that can easily cost over a hundred dollars per month each.  There is another side of wireless communications that is far less expensive and capable of meeting a variety of needs.  We call it MuniCom.  You can read more about MuniCom at http://MuniCom.blogspot.comWe also have a simple single page program overview for printing and sharing with others available at www.info4u.us/MuniCom.pdf

We encourage you to visit the links above for additional information on our specialized products and services for municipalities and those they serve.  We've been around since 1989 with a simple slogan that is as applicable today as it was then - Serving those who serve others!  We are now extending that offer to YOU!  We are as near as your phone (205.854.2611 or 800.489.2611), by fax at 205.853.6178, or by email at ServingU@falcondirect.com.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, our info Blog, or sign up for our monthly newsletter.  Better yet, come see us - the coffee is always on, or give us an invite to visit with you.  You name the time, date, and place - We'll be there!

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